John Brown

John Brown (1950–2008), UK teacher of the Alexander Technique.


John Brown was born in Bangor, Country Down, Northern Ireland. Following university he worked as a social worker and later as a youth worker in West Belfast. He had his first lesson in Belfast, and decided to train with Chris Stevens in Denmark in 1988.

He started his teacher training with Chris Stevens in Denmark and after two years, when Chris Stevens moved to Hamburg, transferred to the Constructive Teaching Centre (CTC) where he finished in 1991. He remained a teacher at CTC until shortly before his death in 2008. He assisted Ruth Murray in the morning course (1st to 5th term students) for many years, and was part of the annual CTC Refresher Course team. After Walter Carrinton’s death in 2005 he assumed responsibility for most of the administration at CTC.

He taught regularly in Brazil, Switzerland, and Spain (Madrid and Barcelona). His wife, Jenny, and his daughter, Candy, both trained as teachers of the Technique at CTC.


A letter in STATNews argued for the importance of F. M. Alexander’s books.[1]


A short interview was published after his death, ‘In memory of John Brown’ by Sabine Heubusch.[2]


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  • ‘John McClure Brown’ by Kate Kelly Tanguay.[4]

John McClure Brown *16 December 1950 – †10 April 2008.


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