Jan Pullman

Jan Pullman (1951–2012), German teacher of the Alexander Technique and Head of Training in Hamburg.


Jan Pullman studied classical saxophone and piano in Cologne and continued his studies at Trinity College of Music, London, 1978–81. Here he started having lessons in the Technique. Greatly helped by the Technique he trained as a teacher in Aalborg, Denmark, 1984–87 with Karen Wentworth. After training he moved to Hamburg where, as well as having a private practice, he taught the Technique in the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre, and in the Institute for Sport Science at the University of Bremen.

He wrote several articles, letters[1] and book reviews on the Technique, and wrote and published a journal on the Technique himself, Das Alexander-Technik Blatt, 1991. He ran a teachers training course in Hamburg 1997–2000.

In later years he regularly assisted on a Uruguay teachers training course.


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Jan Pullman *24 January 1951 – †3 September 2012.


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