Irene Stewart

Irene Stewart

Janet Irene Stewart (1906–1990), Scottish teacher of the Technique.


Irene Stewart was a District Commissioner of the Girl Guide Movement but, suffering from asthma, she moved to London after hearing about the Technique from Margaret Goldie. She trained 1931–34 and subsequently taught at Ashley Place. Together with Alexander, Ethel Webb, Margaret Goldie and the Little School she went to USA in 1940, returning in 1943. As one of Alexander’s assistants and friends she often drove him places, went riding with him and joined him for weekends at Penhill. In London she lived in Carlyle Mansions. She taught at Ashley Place until 1956, except for two or three months where she taught in Birmingham with Erika Whittaker. From 1956 she taught at Bainbridge St. (where the training course moved) until around 1960. She was also for many years an active member of the London Scottish Country Dance Society. In 1963 she retired to live in Carrbridge, Invernesshire, where she taught only occasionally.[1]


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