Frederick C. C. Watts

Frederick (‘Fred’) C. Chatto Watts (1896–1953), British publisher, and pupil of F. M. Alexander.


He was the son of the founder of the Rationalist Press Association, Charles Albert Watts (1858–1946), which was established in 1885 for the purpose of publishing secular books, and for the promotion of humanism and free thinking. F. C. C. Watts succeeded his father as editor of the Literary Guide and Rationalist Review (today published as the New Humanist). He also succeeded his father as managing director and chairman of C. A. Watts & Co. and continued the very successful series ‘Thinker’s Library’ which ran from 1929 until 1951.

Connection with Alexander

F. C. C. Watts created the imprint ‘Chaterson’ for Alexander’s books, taking over the publication of the books from Methuen around 1939–41. With Watts’ death in 1953, Alexander’s youngest brother, Beaumont Alexander took over the publication of Alexander’s books.

In 2002 the association changed its name to the Rationalist Association.[1]

F. C. C. Watts and his daughter, Marion, were responsible for the short film footage of F. M. Alexander in 1949–50, later published with Walter Carrington’s commentary.[2]

Frederick C. Chatto Watts *1896 – 21 October 1953


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