Edward Maisel

Edward Maisel (1917–2008), US journalist and author, and editor of The Resurrection of the Body (1969).


Edward Maisel graduated from Harvard University. He became a New York based journalist and author.

Maisel’s article, ‘Should veterans have legs?’ (1945), influenced the US Senate to conduct an investigation into the health needs of veterans. Maisel went on to serve as Director of Research at the International Centre of the Disabled, as Director of the American Physical Fitness Research Institute, and as Director of Ka Lima O Maui (a sheltered workshop for the disabled).[1] [2] [3] [4]

Among Maisel’s books are Charles T. Griffes: The Life of an American Composer (1943), Have Your Baby Keep Your Figure (with other authors, 1964), Fit to Drive (1967). His book Tai Chi For Health (1963) was a popular and best-selling introduction to Tai Chi (though later criticised.[5])

Writings on the Alexander Technique

His compilation of Alexander’s writings, The Resurrection of the Body – The Writings of F. Matthias Alexander (1969)[6] was successful partly because at the time of its publication there were very few books available on the Technique, and Alexander’s own books were only available directly from Alexander’s younger brother, Beaumont Alexander, in England. The book therefore made some of Alexander’s writings widely available. The book remained in print for many years. In some later editions the title was changed to The Alexander Technique, The Essential Writings of F. Matthias Alexander. It was translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

For The Resurrection of the Body Maisel wrote an entertaining introduction to F. Matthias Alexander and his technique, which was revised in later editions.

Tinbergen’s Nobel Speech dispute

Following Niko Tinbergen’s Nobel Acceptance Speech in 1973, there was a criticism of the Alexander Technique in New Scientist which Edward Maisel readily and repeatedly joined, much to the surprise of several Alexander Technique teachers. Dr. G. S. Hehr provided a detailed summary of the exchange of letters in his Nobel Episode Revisited (1998),[7] and asked why Maisel attacked Tinbergen’s advocacy of the Technique when Maisel himself was a supporter, in the form of five questions as regards Maisel’s motive.

(When Jean M. O. Fischer, in his STAT Books catalogue description of this book, added ‘The obvious question of whether Maisel had an ulterior motive unfortunately goes unanswered’, he was contacted by Edward Maisel who threatened to sue Jean Fischer unless that sentence was omitted in future catalogues. Jean Fischer obliged. Maisel also wrote a complaint to STATNews which was published together with Jean Fischer’s reply.[8])

See also Nobel Prize Episode.

Other writings

‘Felix Morrow, F. Matthias Alexander and John Dewey – Fantasy and fact’ by Edward Maisel sets out to correct a number of mistakes in Felix Morrow’s article in Somatics vol. vii, no. 2, which was based on an address made to the 1st International Congress.[9]


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Edward Maisel *1 December 1917 – †21 March 2008


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