Constructive Teaching Centre

Walter Carrington (1915-2005) founded the Constructive Teaching Centre (CTC) in 1960, and the school continued as part of the Walter Carrington Educational Trust in 2010.


After F. M. Alexander’s death in 1955, Walter Carrington continued Alexander’s training course at various locations with a group of teachers that included Margaret Goldie, Peggy Williams and Irene Stewart. In 1960, Walter and Dilys Carrington moved into No. 18 Lansdowne Road, Holland Park, London, and the school was renamed the Constructive Teaching Centre. (The change in the name was due in part to the court case Beaumont Alexander vs. Margaret Goldie.)

The school was small in the early 1960s, but started growing in the 1970s. Around 1979 the training course was split into two groups, a morning group (9:30 am – 12:30 pm) for students up to their fourth term, and an afternoon group (11:30 am – 3:30 pm) for fifth to ninth term students. At various times in the 1980s and 1990s the training course would have up to 45 students, and a waiting list of 3-5 years was not uncommon.

The school was situated at 18 Lansdowne Road until 2010. After the death of Dilys Carrington in 2009, the training course moved out of Lansdowne Road, and found new permanent premises in Imperial Wharf in 2012.

Ruth Murray and Alan Philps were the training course directors until Ruth Murray’s death in 2021. Alan Philps is now the training course director.

18 Lansdowne Road, London W11

The premises, 18 Lansdowne Road, were home to Walter and Dilys Carrington (and some family members for many years). The top floor flat was also used to house several students during their training. The basement was used for a nursery run by Grethe Laub around 1964–65. A basement room also housed Walter’s old printing press and his extensive collection of material on the Alexander Technique. The main teaching room was also used for workshops on the Technique for many years. The house was sold in 2010.


  • A description of the structure of the training course in 1992 is in the short article ‘The training course at Lansdowne Road’.[1]
  • The development of the training course is related in several places, notably the interview with Walter and Dilys Carrington in Taking Time.[2]
  • A record of the ‘games’ at the training course 1989-92 is in Directed Activities.[3]
  • The experiences of eight teachers and students from the Northern California Center for the Alexander Technique visiting CTC in 2009 were published in the AmSAT Journal in 2018.[4]
  • A short article, ‘End of an era’, provides a brief history of CTC on the occasion of it moving away from 18, Lansdowne Road in December 2010.[5]


See also Walter Carrington.


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