Charles Bage

Dr Charles Bage (1859–1930), Australian doctor who was Alexander’s doctor in the early 1890s.


Dr Charles Bage (1859–1930). He obtained his medical degree in 1881 and became doctor of medicine in 1884. He ran a private practice in South Yarra, Melbourne, until 1923 and retired in 1925. Dr Bage was a founding member of the Felton Bequests (1904) – a trust assisting charities and the arts. He took a keen interest in public health, in particular the St John Ambulance Association and the Red Cross.[1]

Connection with F. M. Alexander

It was Dr Bage who treated Alexander for his throat trouble and who assured Alexander that two weeks rest would cure his throat trouble before an important recital engagement;[2] it was the failure of this advice which led Alexander onto the development of the Technique as recounted in ‘The Evolution of a Technique’ in UoS. In a letter of appreciation of Alexander’s work, Dr Bage wrote:

After a course of lessons from you, I am fully convinced that your confidence in the correctness of your methods is abundantly justified. The Exercises you give not only improve the tone of the voice, but also lessen the strain of loud or continued speaking. In addition, they tend to benefit the general health by inducing good habits of breathing.[3] [4]


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