Arthur J. Busch

Arthur J. Busch (c. 1900–66), aka Michael March, was a US journalist, photographer, and a pupil of Alexander.


Arthur J. Busch was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was a drama critic for The Brooklyn Times and features editor of The Jacksonville Journal before he became city editor of The Brooklyn Citizen. Later he became the managing editor of The Citizen. A keen photographer, he was the Eastern editor of Popular Photography 1943–49 and later managing editor. He was also editor of Popular Arts, Home Movie Making Annual and 35 mm. Annual. He wrote Photography With The Ciroflex (1950) and revised Aaron Sussman’s The Amateur Photographer’s Handbook (1948). He also wrote a book on astrology, My Heavens (1933).[1]

Writings on the Alexander Technique

His weekly column, ‘Page after Page’, was frequently written under the pseudonym of Michael March (and sometimes Bruce Downes). Several of these columns introduce and discuss the Technique. They include:

  • ‘The Logic of the Human Body’ by Arthur J. Busch, 22 May 1927.
  • ‘An Apology’ by Arthur J. Busch, 26 June 1927.
  • ‘Our Exceedingly Modern Psychology Rushes on, its Wonders to Perform’ by Arthur J. Busch, 27 January 1929.
  • ‘The Nature of Disease’ by Arthur J. Busch, 1934?
  • ‘An Open Letter to Dr Alexis Carrel’ by Michael March, 1935?
  • ‘The Regeneration of Aldous Huxley’ by Michael March, 1936?
  • ‘The Plight of the Educators’ by Michael March, 27 January 1937.
  • ‘Look Eleven Years Younger’ by Michael March, 1937?
  • ‘A Moral Philosophy that Fails’ by Michael March, 10 September 1937.
  • ‘Hailed not Hounded’ by Michael March (?), 27 September 1937.
  • ‘Important Dilemma Facing Mankind’ by Michael March, 28 March 1938.
  • ‘The Basic Error of Psychology’ by Michael March, 7 April 1939.
  • ‘Psychological Controversy – 1’ by Michael March, 1 May 1939.
  • ‘Psychological Controversy – 2’ by Michael March, 12 May 1939
  • ‘The Art of Not Seeing’ by Michael March, 22 January 1943.

In addition, one article and two booklets:

  • ‘Heads Forward – and UP!’ by Michael March, article in Who – The Magazine About People, September 1941, vol. 1, no. 5.
  • ‘A New Way of Life’ by Michael March, a booklet published by Chaterson Ltd., 1942. (An almost identical booklet had been published by Dutton Ltd. in 1941.)

All of the above are published in A Means To An End.[2]


Busch or Aaron Sussman (who was also a pupil of Alexander) took studio portraits of Alexander in connection with the publication of UCL and also pictures for Busch’s article “Heads Forward – and up!” for the magazine Who – most of which still exist.

Fig. 1. Arthur Busch.

See also Aaron Sussman.


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