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A. Gibbens, G. Gabriel, and G. L. Thorp.
Flourish [Audio tape]
Guided relaxations using the Alexander Technique
Published: 1994
Joni Bentley.
Riding Success Without Stress [Audio tape]
Published: 1993
Richard Brennan.
The Alexander Technique [Audio]
Published: 1992
Sally Tottle.
Body Sense [Casette tape]
Published: 1992
Refia Sacks and Alan Mars.
Alexander Technique [Casette tape]
Guided awareness talks for lying down
Published: 1991
Glyn Williams.
Alexander Technique [Audio tape]
A Practical Introduction
Published: 1991
Glen Park.
The Art of Changing [Casette tape]
Exploring the Alexander Technique and Its Relationship with the Human Energy Body
Published: 1990
Ron Murdock.
Voice and the Alexander Technique
Published: August 1988
Ron Murdock.
Voice and the Alexander Technique [Audio tape]
Published: 1988