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Joan Diamond.
Sweeping the Bones [Audio CD]
An exploration of breath with the Alexander Technique
Published: 2006
Joan Diamond.
Walking the Oppositions [Audio CD]
Published: 2006
Glen Park.
The Art of Changing (Audio CD edition)
Exploring the Alexander Technique and Its Relationship with the Human Energy Body
Published: 1 January 2005
Carolyn Nicholls.
Refresh Your Spine [Audio CD]
Self-help for Osteoporosis
Published: 2005
Jane Ruby Heirich.
Voice and the Alexander Technique [CD]
Active explorations for speaking and singing
Published: 2005
Cecile Raynor. Guitar by Ben Blanchard.
Guided Active Resting [Audio CD]
An Alexander Technique Procedure with a Meditative Overtone to Regenerate Your Back and Improve Your Posture Alignment
Published: 2005
Ulrich Funke. Interviewed by Olivier Nunge.
La Technique FM Alexander [FRENCH]
Ulrich Funke Interviewe par Olivier Nunge
Published: 2005
Rita Rivera.
In Motion, Posture Works! [Audio CD]
Published: 2004
Carolyn (Lynn) Nicholls.
The Magic of Gravity [Audio CD]
Discover the Alexander Technique
Published: 2004
Elizabeth A. Buonomo.
Moving Mindfully [Audio CD]
A Self-Help Guide to the Alexander Technique
Published: 2003
Jane Kosminsky and Daniel Singer.
The Back Alive Advantage [Audio CD]
Published: 2003
Miriam Wohl and Sue Thame.
Miriam's Lying Down CD [Audio CD]
Published: 2002
Sonia de Jode.
The Alexander Technique [Audio CD]
Published: 2001
Anita Grey.
Alexander Technique Relaxation Sessions [Audio CD]
Published: 2001
Ann Rodiger.
The Joy of Walking Well [Audio CD]
Published: 2001