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Jane Kosminsky and William Hurt.
The Alexander Technique [DVD]
First lesson
Published: 2000
Walter H. M. Carrington and Ruth Murray. Edited by David Reed.
A Workshop with Walter Carrington [DVD]
Assisted by Ruth Murray
Published: 2000
Edited by David Reed.
6th International Congress Freiburg 1999 [DVD]
Published: 2000
Jean Clark and Mary Simpkins. Edited by David Reed.
Super-Vision [DVD]
The Eyes and Seeing
Published: 1 January 1999
Ray Evans and David Reed.
The Primitive Reflexes and Human Behaviour [DVD]
Published: 1999
Misha Magidov. Edited by David Reed.
Misha Magidov [DVD]
A workshop
Published: 1999
Toni Galardi. Introduction by Toni Galardi.
Learning the Alexander Technique [Alexander Technique] [DVD]
Published: 25 November 1998
Marjory Barlow. Edited by David Reed.
Marjory Barlow Regent's College 1998 [VHS]
Published: 1998
Edited by David Reed.
STAT Conference 1998 [DVD]
Panel and Masterclasses
Published: 1998
Jean Clark. Edited by David Reed and Hawkey Phil, .
Looking at a Child's Early Growth, Development and Coordination [Video]
A Workshop with Jean Clark
Published: 1998
Deborah Caplan and Jane Kosminsky.
The Alexander Technique [Video]
Solutions for back trouble
Published: 1998
Steven Shaw.
The Art of Swimming Video [Video tape]
A Study in Motion with Steven Shaw
Published: 1998
Jonathan Drake.
The Alexander Technique in Everyday Life - Part II & III [Video tape]
Published: 1997
Jonathan Drake.
The Thinking Person's Guide to Exercise [Video tape]
Published: 1997
Jonathan Drake.
The Alexander Technique in Everyday Life – Part I [Video tape]
Published: 1997