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F. Matthias Alexander, Walter H. M. Carrington, and Marjorie Barstow. Edited by Jean M. O. Fischer.
F. M. Alexander 1949-50 [DVD]
With commentary by Walter Carrington
Published: 1 January 2010
Walter H. M. Carrington and Dilys Carrington.
Walter & Dilys Carrington Demonstrate the Alexander Technique
Published: 1 January 2010
Frank Ottiwell, Anne Battye, and AmSAT.
AmSAT AGM 2009 [DVD]
Widening Awareness, Widening Experience
Published: 2009
Barbara Conable. Edited and narrated by Amy Likar.
Move Well, Avoid Injury [DVD]
What Everyone needs to Know about the Body
Published: 2009
Walter H. M. Carrington. Edited by Hella Linkmeyer.
Spring Term 2003 at Lansdowne Road [DVD]
Walter Carrington at work
Published: 2009
Rivka Cohen. Edited by Ariel Cohen.
Alexander Technique Workshop with Rivka Cohen [DVD]
Published: 2008
Rivka Cohen. Edited by Karin Kammerer.
Alexander Technique with Rivka Cohen [DVD]
A slide show
Published: 2008
Edited by David Reed.
8th International Congress Lugano 2008 [DVD]
Published: 2008
Anthony Kingsley.
The Alexander Technique: Discover Freedom from Stress [DVD] (2006? edition)
Published: 8 July 2007
Sarah Barker.
Moving with Ease
The Alexander Technique
Published: 2007
Robert Bedford. Directed by Len Shyles.
Artisan Workshop [DVD]
Published: 2007
Sally Tottle.
Body Sense [DVD]
Revolutionise Your Riding with the Alexander Technique
Published: 2007
Marjory Barlow. Edited by David Reed.
Marjory Barlow Regent's College 1998 (DVD 2006)
Published: 1 January 2006
Steven Shaw.
A Shaw Way to Fly [DVD]
Enjoy Butterfly
Published: 2006
Edited by David Reed.
STAT Bristol Conference 2001 [DVD]
Published: 2006