Effortless Guitar
The secrets to pain-free playing, perfect posture, reducing tension and improved performance with the Alexander Technique
133 x 203 mm
ISBN-13: 978-1739625214
First published: 27 January 2023
Publisher's description

Discover the Secrets of Tension Reduction, Pain-Free Playing, Perfect Posture & Effortless Technique!

Effortless Guitar is a breakthrough in guitar education, dispelling myths and misinformation that has caused countless player's careers and progress to be cut short. Through his experience as an Alexander Technique teacher and lifelong guitarist, Adrian Farrell shows you how to unlock your playing potential, avoid strain related injuries, and develop technique for life.

It also includes 6 hours of BONUS video lectures and masterclasses to support your Journey and help you visualise key concepts! Adrian will show you the benefits of Alexander Technique for guitarists. Including things like: Reduced tension and effort Better Postural understanding and positioning Emotion and stage Fright management How to better use the bodies natural mechanics How to effectively develop speed and technique.

This book is for anyone serious about guitar playing, whether or not you have any pre-existing injuries (eg Repetitive Strain Injury) or not. You'll be taught how to practice safely and healthily, as well as discovering key physiological concepts that will help you develop your technique, performance ability, overcome stage fright and playing anxiety, and deepen your relationship with the instrument. Helping you to transcend the obsession with the instrument and allowing you to focus on the music itself. While it's no secret that Classical musicians have utilised the Alexander Technique for years, the pop, rock and blues world have largely missed it (With the exception of a few pioneering rock musicians such as Sting, Robert Fripp, and Jazz Guitar Virtuoso Julian Lage.).

This book represents the first time that the Alexander Technique has been brought to the context of contemporary guitar playing. Covering key electric guitar techniques, including: String Bending Barre Chords Legato (Hammer-ons and Pull-offs) Alternate Picking Sweep Picking, and more. You'll learn how these techniques should feel and how to execute them with elegance and minimal effort. Transforming your physical relationship with the instrument and allowing you to practice for more hours a day and for more years to come. If you are a player who is struggling with playing relating pain, or worried about physiological issues (for example the physiological effects ageing), then the concepts in this book will help to reduce and manage those problems as they relate to your playing.