AmSAT Journal. No. 20
Published by: AmSAT (USA)
154 x 217 mm.
First published: 23 January 2023

“What Happens to Your Neck When Your Hands Come to Your Head?” by Ruth Rootberg

“Touch and Consent: Boundaries, Assumptions, and Power Dynamics” by Erin O’Leary

“Eutokia: Birth Stories” by Eve Bernfeld, Alice Olsher and Ruth Rootberg

“How to Help Students Practice When They Are Away from You” by Lena Hart

“Reflections on Dance, Disability, and the Alexander Technique” by Lisa First

“Refining Leg Direction and Support” by Rachel Bernsen

“Space to Create” by Pyeng Threadgill

“Somatic Psychotherapy, Alexander Technique, and Bereavement” by Jane Dorlester

“How Can We Achieve Natural Movement?” by Misako Tsuchiya

“Psychophysical Acting: Alexander Technique in the Theatre” by Matthew R. Dubroff

“Every Thought Counts: Freediving and the Alexander Technique” by Michelle Shiu-lin Lai

“Framework for Integration: The Model of Upper/Lower Triangles and Its Implications for Teaching the Alexander Technique” by Elizabeth Johnson, Rebecca Nettl-Fiol & Luc Vanier

“Individual Responsibility in Modern Civilisation: A Historical Footnote to MSI: German Militarism and Kultur” by Jean M. O. Fischer

“Making New Connections: Third International Alexander Teachers Convention; Kamnik, Slovenia” by Richard Brennan

Book Review by Genoa Davidson and Joe Alberti: “The Alexander Technique: Twelve Fundamentals of Integrated Movement” by Penelope Easten