Mind & Mend Your Hips
Better Hip Health
Published by: (Author) (USA)
140 x 220 mm
ISBN-13: 978-1667843315
First published: 18 July 2022
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Learn how to improve your hip health, prepare for and recover from hip surgery, and improve your overall movement through the Alexander Technique. This book guides you to a fundamental understanding of how your body moves providing practical Awareness Building and Movement Activities. This information is useful at any stage of hip health. Topics include developing an accurate body image, how your thinking and movement connect, spatial thinking, sensory awareness, and recuperative strategies. There are accompanying illustrations and videos to lead readers through the actions. There is instruction on the use of mobility aids. There are also several case studies including the author Ann Rodiger's own experience, providing different perspectives on how the Alexander Technique can assist with hip health and recovery from surgery.


Ann Rodiger is the Founder and Director of the Balance Arts Center, LLC and the Balance Arts Alexander Technique Teacher Training Programs in New York City. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique and movement for over 35 years in academic and private settings in the US and abroad. She is also skilled in Labanotation, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, yoga, meditation, and various dance techniques. She has a Masters Degree in Dance from The Ohio State University. Ann offers specialized in-peron and hybrid workshops and programs based on the Alexander Technique. She writes an ongoing blog and has written How To Sit.

Ann has had both hips replaced and lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

She is a member of the American Society of the Alexander Technique, Alexander Technique International, and International Society of Movement Educators and Therapy Association.


Chapter 1: Discovering the Whole – Unified Field of Awareness

Chapter 2: Developing an Accurate Body Image

Chapter 3: The Hips

Chapter 4: Cultivating New Movement Patterns – How We Can Change

Chapter 5: Start Where You are Now

Chapter 6: walking as Your Laboratory

Chapter 7: Deepen, Refine & Expand Your Awareness

Chapter 8: Thinking and Moving in Action

Chapter 9: Navigating Hip Surgery Case Studies: Ann's Story, Meg Jolley's Story, Pam Johnson's Story

Appendix I: Using Mobility Aids

Appendix II: Recuperation Strageties

Appendix III: Practical Pre- and Post-Surgical Tips

The Alexander Technique at the Balance Arts Center

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