The Alexander Technique - Seeing with Fresh Eyes
A Personal Perspective
Published by: (Author) (UK)
148 x 210 mm
ISBN-13: 978-1399914062

Also published as a Kindle book.

First published: 7 May 2022
Publisher's description

The title, 'Seeing with Fresh Eyes', reflects the Alexander Technique's emphasis on re-discovering our birthright, the 'natural good use of ourselves' that we had as young children, including seeing the world afresh. Pieces of creative writing extend the frame of reference for the Technique, and for its close connections with the natural environment. If I mention to people that I am an Alexander teacher they tend to shift their posture and sit up straight…..Many people find that Pilates and yoga, mindfulness and other body/mind techniques are more accessible and easier to understand. This book offers an overview, a personal perspective, written to stimulate new interest in the unique character of the Technique and bring it more to life. It may inspire people to further explore this practice or even train as an Alexander teacher. The Technique clarifies people's capacity to become more self-aware and involves quiet, skilled hands-on work with a teacher, which reflects people back to themselves; they may say they feel witnessed at a deep level, akin to some forms of counselling.