AmSAT Journal. No. 19
Published by: AmSAT (USA)

Spring 2022.

First published: 3 May 2022

“Reflections on Marjory Barlow’s 1965 Memorial Lecture: The Teaching of F. Matthias Alexander” by Beret Arcaya

“Pleasure, Meaning, and Neuroplasticity” by Karen DeWig

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Virtual Learning: Using Your Own Hands” by N. Brooke Lieb

“Tips for Hips: Facilitating Hip Joint Freedom” by Nada Diachenko

“The Functional Awareness Approach to Use of Arms: Current Research and Practical Applications for Teaching the Alexander Technique” by Nancy Romita

“The F .M. Alexander Memorial Address, 2021: A Shortcut to Peace” by Daria Okugawa

“The Art of the Pivot” by Lisa DeAngelis

“The Readiness is All” by Malcolm Williamson Review

“Think Up” by Maaike Aarts, reviewed by Beret Arcaya

Obituary: “Remembering Ann Mathews” by Ruth Rootberg