Edited by Joe Alberti.
AmSAT Journal. No. 16.

Fall 2019.

First published: 2020

“2020 Conference Previews: Taking Time to Connect: ACGM 2020” by Anna Sobotka
“Growing in Confidence: The Third International Alexander Technique Teachers Convention in Limerick, Ireland” by Glenna Batson
2019 Annual Conference & General Meeting
“Keynote Addresses: Our Community’s Future: Diversity, Equity, and Belonging” by Fabio Tavares, Lisa First, Karl Snider, & Chyna Whyne
Lectures & Workshops
“Bridging the Gap: Alexander Technique and Activism” by Joanna Britton & Karin Heisecke
“Safe-Space Mini-Retreat for Educators” by Sandra Bain Cushman & Heather Dennee
“A Dialogue on Reaching and Working with More Diverse Communities Facilitated by the Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT)”
“Being an Advocate for All Students: A Workshop with Kristin Mozeiko” by Genoa Davidson & Joe Alberti
“Alexander Technique for Salsa Dancers” by Allyna Steinberg
“The F.M. Alexander Memorial Address: From F.M. Alexander down the Years: Stories of Profound Influence” by Joan Frost
Annual General Meeting
“2019 Annual General Meeting Review” by Holly Rocke
“Inhibition and Purkinje Cells of the Cerebellum” by John Henes & Indira M. Raman
“On the Necessity of Knowing, Experiencing and Practicing Our Wholeness in Our Quest to Fundamentally Change Our Behavior through the Use of Our Selves” by Larry Ball
“Conscious Control—What Exactly Is Going On?” by Malcolm Williamson
“The Developing Self: Specialized Postgraduate Training for Alexander Technique Teachers Working in Education” by Eve Bernfeld
Obiuary “Misha Magidov (1929–2019)” by John A. Baron
Responses to Jean M.O. Fischer, “A History of Magnus in the Alexander Technique”
“Alexander in Secondary and Tertiary Education, by Judith Kleinman” reviewed by Eve Bernfeld