Edited by Paul Marsh and Jamie McDowell.
The Alexander Journal. No. 28
Published by: STAT (UK)
245 x 170 mm.
First published: 4 February 2021

"A new perspective on 'The Use of the Self'" by Anthony Kingsley
"How did the concept of 'primary control' evolve during Alexander's lifetime" by Malcolm Williamson
"The road less travelled" by Jonathan Whitaker
"Walking with mechanical advantage" by Lawrence Jones
"The science of inhibition and end-gaining" by Patrick Johnson
"Only connect: Working with hypermobility" by Julie Barker and Carolyn Nicholls
"Lengthening and widening, and Alexander's 'secret'" by Malcolm Williamson
"Handing the experience to the pupil - The role of the hand in Alexander Technique teaching" by Ruth Rootberg
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