Walter & Dilys Carrington Demonstrate the Alexander Technique (2016 DVD edition)
2 DVD set
Filmed in 1985 and 1986. The new 2016 edition contains a 12-page booklet with a detailed guide to the contents.
First published: 19 September 2016
Publisher's description
This rare video shows Walter and Dilys Carrington demonstrating and discussing procedures for teaching the Alexander Technique. The footage was not intended for general release but is now made available as it is a unique and important historical record of the Carringtons teaching in 1985 and 1986.

The 22 demonstrations with teachers and students of the Constructive Teaching Centre cover chair work, table work, saddle work, whispered 'ah', position of mechanical advantage, standing, hands-on work, and hands on the back of the chair. There is only one demonstration (hands-on work) with Dilys Carrington.

With the help of professional editors, the original VHS tapes were transferred to DVD in 2010. Due to the nature of the old source material, the picture quality of these two DVDs is not in keeping with today's standards. Nevertheless, this 4-hour long DVD set captures the Carringtons at work. It contains clear explanations and practical illustrations that communicate their extensive knowledge. It is an invaluable resource for Alexander Technique teachers who wish to gain further insights into the teaching of the Technique.

The 2016 edition contains a 12-page booklet with a detailed guide to the contents.

Disc 1 1hr 57mins.
1. Play all.
2. Use, chair.
3. Length & width.
4. Head balance.
5. Chair work, width of stance.
6. Spine.
7. Table.
8. Saddle.
9. Shoulders.
10. Whispered ah.
11. Whispered ah.
12. Whispered ah.
13. Lifting.

Disc 2 2hrs 6mins.
1. Play all.
2. Legs, width of stance, sitting & standing.
3. Table.
4. Chair, monkey.
5. Chair, monkey, hands on.
6. Lifting, monkey.
7. Chair.
8. Chair.
9. Chair.
10. Standing.
11. Hands on chair.