Edited by David Reed.
The Alexander Technique - 10th International Congress Highlights [DVD]
Empowering Humanity, Inspiring Science
Published by: David Reed Media (UK)
First published: 13 November 2015
Publisher's description
The 10th Alexander Technique International Congress.

The Congress was held between the 9th and the 15th of August 2015 in Limerick, Ireland with the theme of Empowering Humanity, Inspiring Science. The Congress focused on learning and sharing practical information between colleagues and interested people to improve professional skills, as well as bringing in experts in their field who help to expand our understanding and communication of the Alexander Technique in the larger world.


1. Opening Ceremony & Michael Gelb
1. CL: John Nicholls
2. CL: Giora Pinkas
3. PL: Jack Stern
4. WS: Robert Britton
5. WS: Penny O'Connor
6. Panel Discussion
1. CL: Trisha Hemingway
2. CL: Tommy Thompson
3. PL: Niall Kelly
4. WS: Richard Brennan
5. WS: Avi Granit
6. PL: Michael Gelb
1. CL: Missy Vineyard
2. CL: Jessica Wolf
3. PL: Jack Stern
4. Panel Discussion

1. CL: Mio Morales
2. CL: Anthony Kingsley
3. CL: Robin Simmons & Malcolm Balk
4. PL: Robert Britton
5. GR: Semi Supine
6. PI: Rome Earl
7. PI: Judith Stransky
8. PO: Panel 1
9. PO: Panel 2
10. PO: Panel 3
1 . CL: Judy Stern
2. CL: Wolfgang Weiser
3. PL: Galen Cranz
4. WS: John Woodward
5. WS: Pamela Blanc
6. PL: Ted Dimon
1. CL: Jessica Wolf
2. CL: Lucia Walker
3. Closing Ceremony

CL - Continuous learning
WS - Workshop
Pl - Plenary
PD - Panel Discussion
PI - Public Interview
GR - Group