Constructive Rest - The Body Map Edition Balance CD [CD]
First published: 1 January 2013
Publisher's description
The fourth intention of Constructive Rest is to Promote an Accurate, Adequate Body Map.

With this guide, along with the Breathing and Arms & Legs guides, you will be invited, while in the context of Constructive Rest, to revise and refine your body map. In order to move with the best coordination and efficiency, it's important that you have no misconceptions either consciously or unconsciously about your body's structure, the function of those structures, or their size.

Learn about, and even more importantly, experience the buoyant ease associated with balance around your core. Learn what it means to honor your spine. Learn to use your kinesthetic sense to discern balance at several key places along your core:

Balance of your head on top of your spine
Balance of your thorax over your lumbar spine
Balance at your hip joints
Balance at your knees
Balance at your feet with the floor
Balance of your arm structure over your torso

1. Body Map Balance Intro - 4:04
2. Body Map Balance in Constructive Rest - 27:42