Constructive Rest - The Alexander Technique Edition Whispered Ah CD [CD]
First published: 1 January 2011
Publisher's description
The Whispered Ah is one of the classic procedures used in practice of The Alexander Technique.

This guide includes all the basics of The Guide for Everyone and Directions, with the addition of gentle invitations to play with the Whispered Ah. The Whispered Ah is a vocal procedure encouraging openness and relaxation in the neck, throat, and around the vocal folds. It's great for those who use their voice a lot like public speakers, singers, parents, and teachers. The Whispered Ah is a very effective stress reliever.

1. The Intentions of Constructive Rest Whispered Ah - 10:59
2. Constructive Rest Whispered Ah with David - 20:00
3. Constructive Rest Whispered Ah with Fran - 20:00