Edited by Ruth Rootberg.
AmSAT Journal. No. 13
Published by: AmSAT (USA)
Spring 2018.
First published: 10 April 2018
'2018 Annual conference and general meeting' by Daria T. Okugawa
'11th international Alexander Technique congress' by Carol Prentice
'Obituary: Rachel Zahn 1943-2017' by Lisa DeAngelis
'Rachel Zahn in memoriam' by Barbara Kent
'A remembrance of Rachel Zahn' by Erik Bendix
'Rachel Zahn and her commitment to the Alexander Technique' by Alexander Murray
'The Alexander Technique: The wooden horse' by Sherry Berjeron
'London trip journals' (to the Constructive Teaching Centre) by George I. Lister, Sally Munro, Jeanne Benioff, Lee Anne Welch, Jonathan Salzedo, Peter Estabrook, Sally Greenawalt, and Greer Ellison
'The Technique, reproduction, and the tale of three teachers' by Lesley Glover, Nicola Hanefeld, and Natasha Broke
'A personal account of working with the Alexander Technique during pregnancy' by Natasha Broke
'Pressure, pain and parenting' by Eve Bernfeld
'iPosture: A closer look at the lifestyle practices of schoolchildren' by Tami Bulmash
'The Alexander Technique: My first 30 years' by George I. Lister
'On my way' by Michaela Hauser-Wagner
'Direction meets Kavvanah: How the Alexander Technique can deepen the experience of Jewish prayer' by Kate Judd
'A lesson with Peggy Williams' by Nanette Walsh
+ book reviews