Edited by Ruth Rootberg.
AmSAT Journal. No. 12
Published by: AmSAT (USA)
First published: 1 September 2017
'Advancing global perspective: Making new connections, 11th International Congress 2018' by Carol Prentice
'The Alexander Teachers' Convention' by Richard Brennan
'The poise project poised four our second year' by Monika Gross
'Musical notes from the UK' by Judith Kleinman
'Mind the gap' by Ann Rodiger
2017 Annual Conference and General Meeting: 33 reports on workshops
'The Alexander Technique: A tool for integration' Keynote speech by Barbara Kent
'Psychophysical education: An emerging field' by Ted Dimon
'Integrated teaching and learning - A new model at the Norwegian music academy' by Stephen Parker
'Penetrating into the essence - The F. M. Alexander memorial address' by Giora Pinkas
AmSAT AGM report
Obituaries: Rupa (Bonnie) Cousins, John Gray.
Book reviews