AmSAT Journal. No. 11
Published by: AmSAT (USA)
First published: 16 May 2017
'Education and Back Pain: The Surprising Discovery' by Donald Higdon
'Why We Should All Blog about the Alexander Technique and How to Do It Well!' by Imogen Ragone
'Working for Eileen Fisher, Inc.' by Mara Sokosky
'Doing and Non-Doing in the Alexander Technique' by David Moore
'Use: Simplicity and Complexity' by Shula Sendowski
'Talking to Medical Professionals' by Joseph Murphy
'Theatre Nohgaku and the Aesthetics of Inhibition' by Matthew R. Dubroff
'Helping to Prevent Poor Use in School' by Mary Murphy, Jan van Haaren, Richard Brennan, Kathy Diviney, Sean Leonard
'Sometimes I DonÕt Remember I Have Parkinson's: An Interview with Alison Wood' by Ruth Rootberg
'On Teaching People with Parkinson's Disease' by Candace Cox
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