AmSAT Journal. No. 10
Published by: AmSAT (USA)
First published: 22 December 2016

'Just a Thought: It Can Change Your Life!' by Ellen Buffa
'Transformation Poems' by Karen DeWig
'Power Through Repose - Annie Payson Call 1891' by Anne Rodiger with Ed Bouchard
'Buried Alive: Finding Movement in Immobility' by Jessica Wolf

2016 Annual Conference and General Meeting:
'Six Exercises for the Integration of the Body and Mind - Pedro de Alcantara' by Emily Sapa
'Playing with the Whispered 'Ah' - Pedro de Alcantara' by Cheryl Pleskow
'Dealing with the Stimulus that Puts Us Wrong - John Baron' by Ruth Rootberg
'Commun-AT: Growing Your AT-Practice!' by Emily Esner and Ruth Rootberg
'Enhancing Connection and Coordination Through Movement - Joan Frost' by Karen Loving
'Engaging with the Environment - Bob Britton' by Ruth Rootberg
'How Not to Teach - Alex Farkas' by Pamela Bartlett
'Teaching Better Balance - Mary Derbyshire' by Phyllis G. Richmond and Emily Esner
'The Emerging Mechanisms of the Alexander Technique - Tim Cacciatore and Rajal Cohen' by Phyllis G. Richmond with Tim Cacciatore and Rajal Cohen
'Wall Support for Table Work - Small Group with Rose Bronec' by Bob Ruth Rootberg and Chris Mincer
'Taking Whispered Sound into Speaking and Singing - Jane Heirich' by Caitlin Freeman
'Timing Matters: Exploring the Relationship of Timing and Movement Efficiency Using the Double-Spiral Model - Rebecca Nettl-Fiol' by Karen DeWig
'Time and Choice, Shaping the Quality of Our Experience - Anne Johnson' by Lindsay Newitter
'Alexander Technique - Curative or Preventative - Nial Kelly' by Emily Sapa
'Doing Less to Allow More - Alice Olsher' by Mara Sokolsky
'Keeping It Simple - Alice Olsher and Tom Vasiliades' by Emily Sapa
'Forward and Up into the Future: An Active and Participatory Experience - AmSAT ACGM Keynote Speech' by Bob Britton
'Is Alexander Technique Curative or Educational?' by Niall Kelly
'The Alexander Technique: On the Brink of Extinction... and Poised to Break Through to the Mainstream - The F.M. Alexander Memorial Address, June 12, 2016' by N. Brooke Lieb
American Society for the Alexander Technique 2016 Annual General Meeting - Draft Minutes

Book Reviews: Yoga and the Alexander Technique, The Limerick Congress Papers, A Lawyer's Guide to the Alexander Technique, Understanding the Singing Voice, An African Odyssey.

Letter to the Editor by Robin Simmons