Volume II 1943-1955
Published by: Mouritz (Austria)
245 x 160 mm.
ISBN 978-3950490725

A review of both volumes of F. M. Alexander’s Letters is located under volume I: Letters – Volume I 1916-1942.

First published: 27 May 2020
Mouritz Description

The private letters (685 letters) by F. Matthias Alexander 1916-1955 in two volumes, with notes.

Publisher's description

These two volumes contain almost all known existing letters by F. M. Alexander. They collect, in complete and unabridged form, all the letters which have been made available to the editors, in total 685 letters.

Alexander was a prolific letter writer throughout his long life. His letters, written with frankness and candour, are revealing of his private life and character and show his confidence and determination. They cast a new light on this extraordinary pioneer of an entirely new approach to human health and well-being. The collection is comprised primarily of letters to Alexander's friends, teachers and pupils of the Technique, but it also contains a few letters to his family and some formal business letters.

Endnotes provide information on people and events referred to in the letters. Volume I contains a foreword by Missy Vineyard, introductory notes by Jean M. O. Fischer, letters by Alexander for the period 1916-1942, and notes for these letters. Volume II contains letters by Alexander for the period 1943-1955, and notes for these letters. In total 576 notes. The letters consists of approx. 211,000 words.