Articles and Lectures
Articles, published letters and lectures on the F. M. Alexander Technique
Published by: Mouritz (Austria)
216 x 138 mm.
ISBN 978-0956849830

A compilation of articles, published letters and lectures on the Technique, especially revealing of Alexander's early thinking on the Technique.

First published: 9 July 2011
Mouritz Description

A&L contains 16 articles and letters written before Man’s Supreme Inheritance (1910); six letters published between 1924 and 1948; three lectures (of which two are reported almost verbatim) given between 1925 and 1949; teaching aphorisms – observations and instructions from lessons; a foreword and a chapter for an unfinished book, Alexander and the Doctors; and an autobiographical sketch covering Alexander’s first 35 years. Each paper is preceded by an introduction which gives the historical context. Additional material includes a foreword by Walter Carrington, 90 pages of notes with references, 5 facsimiles, a chronology of Alexander’s writings and two appendices.
Please note this is different from the 'cream' edition in that it does not contain notes, endnotes, introduction, pictures or index.