Edited by Paul Marsh and Jamie McDowell.
The Alexander Journal. No. 27
Published by: STAT (UK)
245 x 170 mm.
First published: 1 February 2019
'Putting the psyche into psychophysical' by Malcolm Williamson
'F. M. Alexander's adaptive response' by David Harrowes
'The Alexander Technique: Looking backwards, forwards and sideways' by Peter Ribeaux
'On psychophysical unity' by Jonathan Whitaker
'Refective practice, the Alexander Technique and terminology' by Judith Kleinman
'Alexander Technique phenomena' by Patrick Johnson
'Eutokia: Good birth by means of good use' by Ilana Machover
'The emancipation of the upper limbs: 'Hands on the back of the chair revisited'' by Malcolm Williamson
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